Trade Cards

Trade cards are sort of "special items" when one considers publications by Currier & Ives. Some folks do not even know such items exist. Even Conningham and Gale seem to have been less than clear about including them in their listings and/or how to do so. Not all known trade cards are in either listing. Some which are included are described as "very small", a different category unto itself. N. Currier and Currier & Ives prints are generally divided into five "classes" or sizes: large, medium, small, very small, and trade cards.

The most complete listing of C&I trade cards is contained in a booklet "Currier & Ives Trade Card Checklist" compiled by Ron Schieber and last updated in 1995. It  contains 209 entries, each of which is illustrated. Trade cards are about the size of today's post cards although a few are larger. Not all are titled and appear to have been done for certain clients as special advertising pieces. Most of the untitled trade cards we have seen in over 52 years have the imprint of a merchant prominently displayed on the card.

Below you can see images of trade cards printed on a single sheet of stock.

Because of the "special situation" occupied by trade cards, and in order for this Gallery to be the most helpful, we have chosen to include the Schieber number (as Sxxx) for each trade card along with the corresponding Conningham and Gale numbers.



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