This site represents a very ambitious project. One that may never end. The objective of the site is to become a gallery of pictures of every known print done by Nathaniel Currier, Currier & Ives, James M. Ives and Charles Currier.

As this is written (April 2002), the most complete listing of titles is contained in a 1984 work by Gale Research titled Currier & Ives - A Catalogue Raisonne'. The two-volume set contains 7450 titles. Additional details are provided for each title along with illustrations of many of the prints. However, the set costs in the hundreds of dollars and weighs 11 pounds and is impractical for or beyond the reach of many collectors.

Another popular reference, which is more readily available and much less expensive, is Currier & Ives Prints by Frederic A. Conningham. It contains about 6900 titles along with some descriptive information but few illustrations. It was last updated in 1983. All of these prints are contained in the Gale reference above.

Additional titles have been discovered and catalogued since Gale was published in 1984. As a result, the total number of titles now stands at an estimated 8500. No one can know where the final count will be (Currier & Ives business records are not available), but a higher total would not be surprising. Whatever the number, it is the objective of this site to provide a picture of all known Currier prints at any point in time. Thus we will be continually adding pictures and providing photos of better quality prints as they become available to us. And we may never be finished.

We want to express our appreciation to those generous collectors and others who are providing pictures for use on this site. This type of collaboration will certainly help in having the site achieve its purpose.

John and Barbara Rudisill
Rudisill's Alt Print Haus
Charter Members of the American Historical Print Collectors Society


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