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This site has been designed to be not only an information source but one that is also easy to use. It is assumed that a user has a minimal knowledge of Nathaniel Currier, Currier & Ives, and Charles Currier prints. It is designed to allow a user with as little information as only one word in the title to find that print. There are basically three search options that may be used. They are explained below.

First, enter in the Search box any exact word or exact series of words (enclosed in quotation marks) in the title of the print of interest. A response will appear with a list of possible prints which satisfy the request. Click on the desired print and it will appear.  A series of words not enclosed in quotation marks will produce a list of all prints in the Gallery whose titles contain any of the given words.

Second, enter in the Search box the Conningham number of the print of interest. The "Conningham number" is the number of the print found in Currier & Ives Prints by Frederic A. Conningham. The format to use is Cxxxx. For example, print number 8 is requested using C0008; number 52 is requested using C0052; number 1234 is requested using C1234.

Third, enter in the Search box the Gale number of the print of interest. The "Gale number" is the number of the print found in Currier & Ives: A Catalogue Raisonne' by Gale Research. The search is conducted by placing a G in front of the four-digit number for the print. Thus print number 1234 is requested using G1234.

Each photo is identified with the title of the print along with the Conningham number and the Gale number, if available. Not all prints in the Gallery are found in Conningham or Gale because they were "found" and catalogued after the last revision (1983) of Conningham or after the publication (1984) of Gale. If not found in Conningham or Gale, of course the search must be done with a word or words from the title.

Regardless of the search method used, the response will be a list of prints found in the Gallery which satisfy the Search request. (Logically, if the search is conducted using a Conningham or Gale number, the response should be a "list" containing only one print.) After clicking on the print selected from the list, a photo of the print will appear OR a message will appear explaining that the print has not yet been put into the Gallery. This site is intended to have photos added as they become available, so try again later.

It should be noted that the quality of the pictures provided is a compromise between resolution and storage space required. Top-notch resolution (or detail) requires much storage space (which is not always available or is expensive). On the other hand, being overly stingy with storage space results in poor quality pictures. The quality of the photos in the Gallery is a trade-off between high enough quality to be useful without requiring unreasonable amounts of storage space.




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