Original Prints & Reproductions

Our goal for this site is to provide photos of original prints published by Currier & Ives, Nathaniel Currier and Charles Currier. By striving for photos of original prints and not reproductions, we feel that a more useful resource is created. This is because originals not only display the true image but the photos available also demonstrate the range of conditions found in the market place and in private collections. Condition is of interest because it has an important role in determining value.

On the other hand, we also feel that a photo of a reproduction is better than no photo at all. Thus we are using photos of reproductions in some cases until we find an acceptable photo of an original, which will then be used to replace the reproduction.

Notes of caution are appropriate for the use of reproductions as a resource. The images are usually "true" and have not been changed or "doctored" for any reason. The colors may not always appear to be "true" but there is also a lot of variation in the original prints as well. But the most important note is that the publishers of many reproductions change -- or have changed -- the content in the bottom (title) margin. One often finds only the title in the bottom margin (and not necessarily in the original font). Items which may have been changed or not appear at all include the publisher name; the copyright line; the address line; brief narrations, data, and statistics; a subtitle; and a lower publication line. The best advice is to trust only the image and title (words only) on a reproduction and not trust the content or lack of it in the bottom margin.

We feel that while reproductions serve a purpose in this Gallery, they should be identified as such. Thus our practice is to identify reproductions with the indication "Repro" in front of the title so that the image may be used properly.




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