Beginning in July 2006, an additional feature was added to our Gallery. In cases where we do not yet have an acceptable photo for a print, we now sometimes direct you to an alternative source for an image, e.g. usually known and available books. We regard such images as useful but not appropriate for permanent inclusion in the Gallery. We will thus be upgrading with better photos as they become available.

As 2008 begins, we can review our progress in developing this Gallery. We now have 5451 photos as of 15 January. This represents more than a 10% increase since August 2006. In addition, we have been able to upgrade the quality of many of the photos as we gain access to better material. Moreover, the number of previously unlisted (not in Gale) has grown to 589. Our previous estimate of 8500 titles done by the firm appears more and more realistic.

It is now February 2009. We started this Gallery site in April 2002. Thus, in a little less than 7 years, we have accumulated 5585 photos (as of 26 January 2009). We still estimate the total number of titles done by Currier & Ives, N. Currier and Charles Currier to be about 8500, so we still have a way to go to complete this Gallery. The search for additional photos has slowed, as might be expected. But the search is still fun.  And the site seems to be serving its purpose as a unique reference source.  We experience up to 1600 queries each month. An interesting statistic is that the number of previously unlisted titles (not in Gale) continues to grow and is now at 632.

As of April 2010, we mark 8 years since this Gallery was started.  In that time, we have accumulated 5708 photos of Currier titles.  The pace of acquisition remains slower but the search continues.  We still  estimate that about 8500 Currier titles exist.  Queries are higher at up to 2000+ per month.  The tally of previously unlisted titles (not in Gale) has grown to 671.  Finally, it has been our intention to have the Gallery continue in perpetuity and we are considering ways in which to accomplish that.

We are now in October 2011.  This Gallery is now 9 1/2 years old.  The number of print photos accumulated totals 5769 this month.  The accumulation rate has slowed down as might be expected.  We can always use more help gathering photos to either add to the Gallery or to improve the quality of those now in the Gallery.  The number of previously unlisted (not in Gale) prints has now grown to 686.  We still estimate a total of titles to reach 8500 at some point in the future.  Based on comments we receive, the Gallery continues to meet its objectives and is enjoyable for many people.  The number of inquiries to the Gallery continues to hover between 1000 and 2000 per month.



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